The Aim Of The Fish Project…

  • Provide fresh fish for the children to eat
  • Supply nutritious water for the plants
  • Provide a new revenue stream for the orphanage

The Plan….

Our plan is to build two ponds. We need to supply the pond with water from boreholes. We will use a float switch to ensure a constant water level in the pond. We will then stock the pond with the correct vegetation for the fish. We are going to, of course, cover the pond to ensure it is safe for the children. We will then start harvesting the fish after 6 months.

Where We Are….

The first pond has been easy to build. The site contained an old 50,000 ltr water tank which is currently being repaired as we speak.

Still To Do….

We need funding to complete the project which includes the purchase of JoJo tank and tower, as well as pipes and a second tank. The total cost of this phase will be $4,600. Thanks for reading – we’d really appreciate any donations.

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