Harvest Family Village would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution made by Edwards Life Sciences for their generous donation to our Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe. This donation has paid for us to set up an internet connection to our Homes which gives our children the access to online learning. Here in Zimbabwe we are still in lockdown hence our schools are still closed. Our children are so grateful to now have the internet and Adrian, one of our teenagers, wrote these words.

‘Schools closing all due to the Corona Virus is a big challenge to students. The point is before all these disadvantages came out of hand you had a back up plan for us, you aided us with the internet which is necessary so learning would never come to a halt. Even though schools have closed we appreciate the fact that we are still acquiring education through the gift you gave us of the internet.’

Mind the Gap-Africa would like to thank and acknowledge the amazing gift from Tangled Web of their time, skills and money in the work we are doing in our Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe. Steve has been to visit twice now and each time he throws himself in to help us develop projects from fish farming to getting us connected to the internet. His enthusiasm, passion and refusing to give up making things work have been an inspiration to us all and he has pushed us to achieve things we didn’t think possible! He and Pauline are always available to help with our website and looking at how they can assist us to promote our work and help us raise the much needed funds so we can help even more children in need.

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